Youth Programs and Activities

We offer a series of programs for the children of Mercy Center’s families, presenting them with alternatives to the violence and negativity to which they are often subjected. These activities address the needs of children for a safe environment and provide an opportunity to advance their creative and educational potential through individual assistance and group activities.

Current Programs Include:

After School – Homework assistance, computer tutorials, enrichment activities (e.g., trips to museums/libraries), tutoring, and mentoring (targeted to most at-risk children) for children in grades K through 5. Available to children of adult participants. 


Saturday Reading Enrichment – a reading and arts program for children in grades 1 through 6 who score in the lower percentile in reading. SRE incorporates one-on-one tutoring with the help of high school, college and adult volunteer mentors. Available to children of adult participants. 

2015 Annual Gala Film

Dance and Chorus – are available through volunteers, professional organizations and individuals. Dance is for children in grades K-6; chorus is for children in grades K-3.


Fiver Children's Foundation partnership – In collaboration with local organizations, the Fiver Foundation offers inner-city boys and girls the opportunity to attend a tuition-free camp each summer (two-week minimum) starting at 8/9 years of age and continuing for a period of ten years.  Designated as a local partner in 2003, Mercy Center now has over 100 children participating in the program. Available to children of adult participants. 


Five-Week Summer Day Camp -- designed for Mercy Center children so they can capitalize on the academic and leadership skills they develop during the school year and ensure they do not lose ground over the summer months. Children from grades K through 5 enjoy academic instruction, recreational activities, discussion groups, science experiments, and a range of educational field trips for a total of more than 5,000 “off the street” hours. Available to children of adult participants. 


Community and Transformation 

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