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Jhensy at Mercy Center's 2017 Gala

An immigrant from the Dominican Republic at age 20, a single mom at age 23… Jhensy had dreams of pursuing an education and building a better life for herself. She put her education on hold to raise her daughter. Years later when she saw a Mercy Center flyer, she decided to enroll in English classes. From there she became more involved in Mercy Center programs and demonstrated leadership skills that did not go unnoticed. Jhensy spoke at our 2017 Gala and told her story to over 300 people! In May of 2017 she represented Mercy Center, speaking at a rally to restore NYC funding for Adult Education. (Funding was restored!)


Jhensy’s growth as a student, as a leader, and as a person led to a job as a part-time receptionist at Mercy Center. She was able to make use of her bilingual skills, welcoming people to Mercy Center and making sure they are treated with the same respect and support she received as a participant. After about six months of doing an excellent job, she was offered a full-time position as a Program Assistant for Adult Education and Workforce Development, where she continues to excel.


Jhensy will be able to use all of her experiences to continue working toward achieving her goals. The confidence she has gained makes her unstoppable!


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