Our Impact 

Participants Served


In Fiscal Year 2020 (7/1/2019-6/30/2020), Mercy Center served over 2,200 participants.

  • 82% range from 18 to 64 in age

  • 51 birth countries represented

  • 91% are Hispanic

  • 69% have a household income $21,000 or less

  • 50% of adult participants have less than a high school diploma

  • 68% worked in industries strongly impacted by the COVID pandemic.


Adult Education

We enrolled 1,395 students in ESOL classes (English for Speakers of Other Languages), 84% of whom were promoted to the next level. We achieved this despite having to cancel our third cycle of registrations in April because of the pandemic. Classes swiftly shifted from in-person to remote in mid-March.


Naturalization Applications

In FY 2020, we submitted 156 naturalization applications. We also submitted 53 DACA renewal applications, and 73 Green Card renewals.


Familia Adelante/Family Forward Collaboration

With support from the Pascale Sykes Foundation, we had a successful Year 3 of this family strengthening collaboration, Familia Adelante/Family Forward. With our partners Fiver Children’s Foundation, Qualitas of Life Foundation, and mindfulness practitioner Tanya Valle, 77 families participated in the collaborative, during a time when they were in great need.


Youth Programs

Youth Programs provide 250 young people with over 20,000 hours of “off-the-street” enrichment programming each year in a safe, supportive environment. 100% of After School and Saturday Reading youth were promoted to the next grade.

Social Services & Community Education

Our licensed social workers served 175 participants, providing 375 individual case management sessions. The top issues were Food Stamps, Housing & NYCHA, and Immigration.

1,575 adults and children participated in community-building activities, educational workshops, and additional services through partnerships. This year we took also advantage of Zoom and provided many well-attended informational online workshops.


Personal Development

It costs only $51 per participant to provide free personal development and group activity programs. Some activities continue virtually, including the Women's Movie Group.

COVID-19 Response