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Our Impact 

Participants Served

In Fiscal Year 2021 (7/1/2020-6/30/2021), Mercy Center served over 3,500 participants.

  • 38 birth countries represented

  • 92% are Hispanic

  • 69% have a household income $21,000 or less

  • 48% of adult participants have less than a high school diploma

  • 70% worked in industries strongly impacted by the COVID pandemic.


Adult Education and
Workforce Development

We enrolled over 1,600 students in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), HSE (High School Equivalency), and ABE (Adult Basic Education) classes. 100% of ESOL students improved their BEST Plus score by at least 30 points.

63 participants secured new or improved employment in our Work Readiness program, exceeding our goal of 40. This was achieved despite the ongoing pandemic.


Immigrant Services

In FY2021, we submitted 199 applications. 62 of them were for DACA renewals, the most we’ve ever submitted.


Familia Adelante/Family Forward Collaboration

We had 92 families participating in the Familia Adelante/Family Forward family strengthening collaboration. With our partners Fiver Children’s Foundation, Qualitas of Life Foundation, and mindfulness practitioner Tanya Valle, an additional 178 families were reached by collaboration workshops and activities.


Family Skills

164 participants enrolled in online Parenting and Anger Management classes and the Moms Support Group. Anger Management was particularly successful, surpassing attendance and completion goals.

Family Development

Youth Programs

98 children enrolled in our Youth Programs, almost all of whom participated in multiple activities offered both remotely and onsite. STEM enrichment finished its third year, adding a beginning and an advanced level.

Social Services & Community Education

Our Director of Social Services provided 247 case management sessions to 149 participants. The top three issues were Housing, Food Insecurity, and Immigration.

Educational and community-building webinars attracted current and new participants, for a total of 931 people. Online platforms and flexible scheduling helped to increase accessibility, extending our reach.


Personal Development

It costs only $51 per participant to provide free personal development and group activity programs. Some activities continue virtually, including the Women's Movie Group.

COVID-19 Response & Holiday Distributions

We distributed  20,805 prepared meals, groceries and produce for 3,352 families, and $98,550 in gift/debit cards to our participants. We also offered a Thanksgiving Food Pantry, serving 390 families, and provided Christmas gifts to 623 children.

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