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Adult Education and Workforce Development

ESOL Classes  


At Mercy Center, we help adult participants improve their communication skills in English. Classes are designed for non-native speakers to improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We offer three levels:  


  • Beginners 

  • Intermediate 

  • Advanced


We are currently offering in-person classes.


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Workforce Development


This program prepares participants for success in finding jobs and excelling in the workplace. Career readiness objectives have been integrated into the curricula of all ESOL courses to underscore the connections between the content covered and workplace success. In addition, the following programs directly facilitate the development of job skills and employment success. 

  • Skills for Employment Success 

A series of workshops organized into three modules: Find the Job, Get the Job, and Get to the Next Level 

  • Networking Meetings 
    Helps build and access personal networks to search for jobs. 


  • Workplace-Contextualized ESOL Classes 

Blend language skills, content and contextualized learning resulting in students becoming better English-speakers, but also better workers. We focus on ESOL for Hospitality Workers and ESOL for Healthcare Workers. 

  • Job Readiness 

Provides access to one-on-one job counseling. 

For the latest dates and times, please contact, chat with our staff via WhatsApp or call (718) 993-2789


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