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Alma Saenz with her son

Alma Saenz first came to Mercy Center in January 2011.  She attended the evening ESL class but she eventually moved to the daytime class so she could be home when her two daughters would come from school.  Alma is a very good student.  She is very inquisitive when it comes to learning the English Language. Her mind is like a sponge always soaking up information and grasping for more.  She participates in the classroom and is always encouraging other students to do the same. She is a joy to have in the classroom.  


Alma is always willing to practice her English whenever she comes through the doors of Mercy Center. She is a very active participant of Mercy Center taking part in anything that Mercy Center has to offer that will help improve herself and her family. She embodies what Mercy Center’s mission is all about which is to empower women and their families. 


In January 2012 Alma was in Level 2 and in September she advanced to level 3.  She scored 89% on her finals in December 2012 and she also scored high on her oral exam.

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